Monday, February 20th, 2017

2011 Cheat Training Forward Stroke

We’ve filmed you so that you could see yourself paddling, with the purpose to help you improve your forward stroke. The staff links are grouped together so that you can get a sampling of how the LAKS staff does it, and you can compare yourself to some who have paddled for quite a while. Try to see how to get more power in your stroke with less effort, so that you can make that next hard attainment.

If you have any questions please feel free to send us an email, and we can look at your stroke together.

Criteria: posture erect and forward, torso engagement, extension at the catch, quiet boat, vertical paddle position, smooth dynamic of the stroke

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Hands held at eye level, power in front of hips, torso rotating forward, forward inclination, full extension at the catch (watch the splash), all these make for an effective stroke :

good power but punches out a little too much, and paddle goes out a little too wide. Keep your top arm a little bent and drive with your shoulder:

Tom takes his strokes but his paddle is too short:

good posture, needs more engagement with whole torso, more extension with arms at the catch:

good power in your stroke, posture, needs more engagement, movement, with torso:

good paddle entry, tendency to pull back against stroke, needs drive weight forward, hands a little higher:

needs more torso rotation before paddle entry, smooth catch:

good posture, needs hands higher and more verticle paddle, more torso engagement:

good posture, tendency to lunge at beginning of stroke, needs more torso rotation instead of lunging:

good posture, needs more extension at paddle entry, more torso rotation, longer stroke, loosen grip on paddle so that it can flex in your hands:

good posture, tendancy toward too high paddle, needs more torso engagement, extension at catch:

needs more forward posture, torso engagement, higher hands:

good vertical paddle, needs less sway, less crossing over with hands, smoother delivery, rotation ahead of the stroke, more resistance in the catch near your feet :

good posture, paddle position, needs to keep boat from rocking so much, torso rotation, extension at catch:

good paddle position (maybe a little too high), good torso engagement, needs more attention to forward catch, less punching out with top hand:

good paddle position, power in catch, needs, more engagement with torso, avoid punching out with top hand:

good paddle position, needs less rocking of boat, less crossing over of paddle, more resistance in catch:

good posture, good paddle position, needs more torso engagement:

needs more extension in the catch, smooth delivery of power (squeeze):

needs more torso engagement, power applied, extension at catch:

good rotation, power, needs hands held higher:

good posture, good rotation, needs hands a little higher, extension at catch:

good posture, tendency toward too high paddle, needs more torso engagement, extension at catch:

good posture, needs wider hands, more torso engagement, smoother delivery:

good posture, needs hands held higher, more torso rotation, extension at the catch, hands wider:

good power, speed, needs longer delivery of stroke:

good posture, needs catch more forward and firm, little more torso engagement:

good power, needs less wide stroke, paddle more vertical, rotation before the catch:

needs hands held higher, more torso rotation:

needs longer, smoother stroke, extension at the catch, hands held higher for a more vertical stroke:

needs to avoid lunging, use torso rotation instead, better posture with a straight back: