Monday, February 20th, 2017

Downriver/Wildwater Racing – Team LAKS

Hollie Racing the Cheat

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TEAM LAKS is a group for Youth who desire to paddle competitively in Wildwater or Extreme Style of Downriver Racing.  Those who feel that they would like to excel in this sport, will find a resource here to help build their skills and find new opportunities in downriver racing.

HOW TO JOIN TEAM LAKS Registering for the 2012 Cheat Training Youth program ($245) automatically makes you a member of Team LAKS.  You will be eligible for half price classes and river trips including Day of Creeking, New and Gauley weekends, etc.  You will also be invited to join our new Wildwater Workouts (details forthcoming).

Here you will find information for acquiring the equipment you will need to compete:

Plastic downriver boats, called Wavehoppers,

are now available for sale from Matt Curran, in Cabin John, MD.
Phone: 301-875-5866

Wing (racing) paddles

can also be found from Sylvan Poberaj of Galasport Paddles, in Cabin John, MD.  Phone: 301-320-7711