Monday, February 20th, 2017

ACA Swiftwater Rescue Course

Nothing builds confidence like developing your rescue skills! You can take this American Canoe Association (ACA) curriculum many places, but Liquid Adventures’s  Swiftwater Rescue Course is designed to meet the needs of river paddlers and paddling instructors.

We’ll help you learn to read rivers carefully in order to identify hazards, develop rescue and prevention strategies and build a tool kit of skills to help you and your paddle partners manage risky situations. While using ropes, rescue vests and other tools of the trade, students and instructors take turns swimming through rough rapids and practicing techniques in a controlled environment which will help develop a rescue mindset and the hard skills needed for rescue. This may be the most valuable paddling class you’ll ever take!

Completion of the 2-day course entitles students to an ACA participation certificate, accepted by most river outfitters and area summer camps and kayak schools.  The course will be taught by Travis Cobb and Tom McEwan.  You will benefit from their wealth of experience and contributions to the sport and the area of river rescue.

Who: Intermediates and Advanced boaters

What: A two-day class on the Potomac

Where and when: At Lock 6 and Little Falls- all water level and class skill level dependent. For 2014, May 31-June 1. Classes run all day, so you will need to pack a lunch.

What to bring: You can bring your own boat and equipment, any throw ropes, rescue vests or other safety gear you already own. Gear lists and a welcome letter will be sent out prior to the course. We do provide a cross section of gear for you to experiment with.

Cost: $200 for a two-day class.

Prerequisites: Class II+/III boating skills

Go to our registration page to sign up and consult the calendar for dates.

Student Comments:

“I took the SWR class from LAKS two years ago and it was invaluable–going over everything from theory to practice, both on the river and beside it, in our outdoor classroom. Two full days for $200 was a steal, considering the expert level of instruction by LAKS and the time involved.” Irene Owsley